Makoto Kai  



Find your own path to health at Makoto Kai.


Classes   On-going training for all levels. Beginners always welcome.
Retreats   Deepen your practice and refresh your spirit.


Classes   Continuing Classes. Beginners always welcome.
AJJF Athletic Taping and Injury Management  Day-long clinics.


Hawaiian Massage by Appointment   Danzan Ryu Restorative Therapy and Sports Massage Therapy by Cynthia Frueh.
California-Approved Massage School  Certificate Courses in Hawaiian Massage

Singing for Hospice
The Threshold Choirs of Davis and Woodland sing at the bedside for a moment of comfort and peace.

Cynthia Frueh

Directions and Map

Partial list of local motels and inns.

Makoto Kai Founder and Director
Cynthia Frueh

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